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Create your own reward program

Simple and customizable. Invite users, give points, and offer rewards.

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We believe power comes from simplicity

For teams, organizations, companies, employees, schools, etc. Simple yet flexible enough to suit everyone's need.

Invite Users

Share your unique OnTally link to easily let new users join your organization and assign different roles.

Give Points

Not only do you have the manual ability to give out points to users, we can also integrate with other systems.

Add Rewards

Add any rewards you want to your catalog, seriously ANY. Add gifts, vouchers, perks, and set your own point costs.

Spend Points

As users spend their points, admins can verify pending transactions and approve them for fulfillment.

Get creative with your reward system

Use our API and Zapier integration to automate incentives and rewards. Here are some examples:


Reward your sales team for finding leads or closing sales.


Reward your support team for high customer satisfaction.


Reward your developers for closing issues and milestones.

Make it your own

Customize OnTally to look the way you want it to. Choose your own theme color and add your own logo.

  • Theme color
  • Logo and company name
  • Custom point names
  • Custom domain and white-label

It is so easy to get started

Create an account
Invite users/employees
Add rewards
Give/spend points

Everything you need for your reward system

  • Invite thousands of employees
  • Create your own reward catalog
  • Assign different user roles
  • Approve or cancel pending transactions
  • Export transactions for fulfillment
  • Custom branding, logo and colors
  • Automate points using Zapier
  • Points Leaderboard
  • Custom point names

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If you are looking to join an existing organization, ask your organization for an invite instead.

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